Propagation and breeding of sturgeon

This page is only up-to-date in the German language.

As surely every fish-farmer is aware, the various species of sturgeon have become increasingly important for aquaculture in recent years. Whether reared as food for the table, as ornamental fish, for stocking or for caviar production, sturgeon is now indispensable to Germany’s domestic fish-farming industry.
However, very little research has been undertaken into the reproduction and breeding of this fish which is threatened with extinction and is now protected. There can be problems mainly with propagation and the use of the various natural and artificial hormones that are required, while the hatching, rearing of juveniles and adapting to dry fish feed are also very difficult processes to manage. Hardly any useful specialist literature is to be found on this fish and its complex lifecycle. So let me put my experience - gained in recent years at various sturgeon-farming facilities in Germany, Romania and Italy – at your disposal to assist and advise you at all the difficult stages of development that this primeval fish has to pass through in aquaculture.