Welcome to rent-a-fishman

When you’re running your own business, it’s not always easy to take a holiday even once a year. Just to relax for once, to unwind and then get back to work, refreshed and re-energised. Particularly if you have an operations manager or worker off sick, it can be difficult to find a reliable replacement with the professional skills to fill the gap. And if it’s you, then this is the very time that you need complete rest to concentrate on getting back to good health.

It’s also when you can call on my consultancy services. These include fish-farming using re-circulation systems, breeding different species of fish such as sturgeon and zander, operating temperature and light regimes, and much more.

Whatever your needs, my services will fill the breach.

I’ve gained a vast wealth of experience working in a huge variety of fish-farming businesses in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, and I’m offering you the chance to put your fish-farming business in professionally experienced hands.

Interested? Then contact me – Max Hoersen, your first port of call and business manager.