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Your competent Advisor and Expert in Fish Farming

Max Hoersen, Fish Farming Master


Welcome to!

It’s great to see you here! My name is Max Hoersen.
I am a master, advisor, and expert in fish farming. Since the year 2000, I have been passionately involved in the world of fisheries.


In 2006, I took the step towards entrepreneurship and founded my company "Rent a Fishman." Initially, I supported fisheries as a fisheries assistant during times of illness, accidents, or peak workloads. Through working at various locations across Germany and Europe, I continuously expanded my knowledge, eventually becoming a go-to person for questions and challenges in the fish farming industry.

Both in theory and practical implementation, I have been able to continually enhance my know-how. I am well-versed in technological innovations in the fish farming sector and possess a comprehensive understanding of the complex aspects and demands of the fisheries industry.

As an independent advisor, my goal is to stand by my customers as a competent and holistic partner. I support experienced fish breeders as well as newcomers alike in the planning, construction, and operation of fish farms in flow-through and recirculating systems, offering extensive expertise. Furthermore, I possess comprehensive knowledge in the breeding and production of various fish and crustacean species such as salmonids, pike-perch, shrimp, and sturgeon. I provide guidance to my customers in production planning, stocking and feed management, profitability calculations, production enhancement, propagation, and rearing, among many others.

Especially for interested newcomers and investors in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), I offer an initial consultation to provide them with insights into the world of fish farming. During this consultation, I present suggestions on breedable fish species and create production calculations with rough economic evaluations for their specific location, based on my experiences and their local costs. If they decide to proceed with fish farming in recirculating systems after the initial consultation, I can accompany them from day one until the final harvest of table-ready fish, should they wish to.

Benefit from my comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience in fish farming - contact me today for a personalized consultation! Together, we will create sustainable solutions for your success!


Looking forward to our fruitful exchange.

Your Max Hoersen