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Producing caviar from sturgeon

It certainly won’t be news to you that getting good results in caviar production depends on a lot of interrelated factors. By specialising in sturgeon farming from the egg to the caviar, I’ve gained a great deal of experience and developed a wide range of skills which stand me in good stead in my work. I have combined the knowledge acquired at fish farms in Germany, Romania and Italy to create an effective breeding strategy, starting with assessing gonadal development by biopsy right through to ready-made caviar in a tin.


When you’re running your own business, it’s not always easy to take a holiday even once a year. Just to relax for once, to unwind and then get back to work, refreshed and re-energised. Particularly if you have an operations manager or worker off sick, it can be difficult to find a reliable replacement with the professional skills to fill the gap.

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