Throughout my professional career, I have been able to gather practical experience in various fish farms across Germany and Europe. By pursuing continuous education, attending seminars, exchanging knowledge with scientists and experts, and delving into specialized literature, I have integrated practical knowledge with well-founded theoretical expertise in recent years. This unique combination qualifies me as a consultant for fish farming businesses. Frequently, the objective is to increase fish production or improve the economic efficiency of the operation.

I can introduce innovative approaches to achieve significantly higher production using pure oxygen and corresponding injection devices compared to conventional paddlewheel aerators or similar methods. Additionally, I calculate the potential production capacity and oxygen requirements of the fish during different seasons. Based on these calculations and your site conditions, I select the most effective injection device (e.g., jet diffusers, U-tubes, floating injection devices, etc.) for delivering pure oxygen at your location.

Due to increasingly stringent regulations in the field of environmental conservation, such as the FFH Directive, many fish farming operations face pressure. They are no longer permitted to use a portion of their water volume for fish farming, and the discharge water limits are sometimes considerably tightened, jeopardizing the profitability of the operation as fish production must be reduced. In such cases, targeted technology deployment makes it possible to maintain the same production levels with less water, ensuring continued economic viability. I am also happy to advise you on wastewater treatment from your fish farm. Other aspects of technical optimization for your fish farming facility include the use of automated feeding systems and the control and monitoring of critical water parameters. Moreover, we are increasingly confronted with a shortage of skilled labor, making it crucial to implement concepts and automations to streamline operations. I can also provide guidance in these areas. Furthermore, my extensive experience covers various aspects of fish farming and fish production.
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