Many farmers are seeking additional revenue streams or looking to replace existing business ventures with fish farming. There are also numerous newcomers from different industries who are dissatisfied with their current professions and dream of becoming entrepreneurs by turning their passion for fish into a profession. However, for entrepreneurs venturing into fish farming, the potential for profit is often limited due to the lack of expertise and experience in handling fish and operating a recirculating aquaculture system. Through an initial consultation , I provide interested newcomers with a professional insight into fish farming and suggest suitable fish species. Investors who have already invested in or are planning to invest in fish farming benefit from engaging an external expert to assess whether there is potential to optimize the RAS or fish production to increase profits.

For many years, I have been advising numerous fish farmers, including newcomers, on fish farming in recirculating systems. Within these systems, we produce various fish species such as salmonids, pike-perch, shrimp, sturgeon, and many others. As an independent consultant, I do not sell systems; instead, I assist in selecting the right components. Proficient planning during the initial phase of a recirculating system (building, tank selection, disinfection methods, etc.) is of utmost importance to ensure the correct component selection, which ultimately positively impacts future economic success (production and operational efficiency). Evaluations and profitability calculations should always be a priority when planning new systems or restructuring existing recirculating systems. Efficient production planning and proper stocking and feed management are crucial during system operation to optimize the system's utilization amid the high operating costs. Additionally, monitoring and evaluating water parameters play a crucial role in achieving successful and animal-friendly fish production.

My long-standing and satisfied customers regularly confirm the success of my work in their systems. Moreover, I have successfully transformed unprofitable systems, leading them to economic success.