My portfolio includes comprehensive initial consultations, which I offer to interested newcomers and investors planning to start an aquaculture in recirculating systems. During an intensive day, we cover all aspects of fish farming in recirculating systems and discuss all essential topics on-site at your planned location. In the consultation, I provide you with well-founded professional information, highlighting both positive and negative aspects of aquaculture in recirculating systems, and share my extensive expertise. As a result, you will gain insights into what such a system looks like and how it functions. I will show you numerous photos and videos of recirculating systems and explain the fundamental principles.

If you already have existing buildings, we will assess together whether they are suitable for fish farming in recirculating systems or if adjustments may be necessary. I will introduce you to various fish species that are suitable for recirculating systems, and we will discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and marketing possibilities of each species. This way, we will determine which fish species and marketing strategies best suit you. Based on your preferred fish species, we will then discuss the production size or volume that aligns with your location.

With this information, we will roughly estimate the potential cost of the recirculating system, including the building, and I will create a production calculation with a rough profitability evaluation for your location based on my experience and your on-site costs. The profitability calculation will be presented in the form of an Excel table and sent to you via email. After the consultation, you can continue to work with it and make adjustments as needed.

Following our meeting, you will have a financial orientation for the aquaculture at your location and gained extensive knowledge that will help you with future decisions.

It is important to me to provide honest and expert advice.

I am not a system builder; my livelihood depends on advising and supporting operators or interested parties of recirculating systems, and I want to ensure no doubts are cast on my services.

After the initial consultation, I will remain available as your point of contact. For simple inquiries within a reasonable time frame (short phone calls or emails), this service is free of charge. For more extensive support, whether via phone, email, or other means, I will charge my monthly consultation and support fees, as with my other customers.

I am more than willing to support you during the start of your aquaculture project and accompany you on your path to success.

Should you decide to proceed with fish farming in your recirculating system after the initial consultation, I will be your point of contact from day one until the final harvest of table-ready fish.